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Congratulations Senior Carly Benusa for being chosen as a scholarship finalist in the National Merit Scholarship Competition!
2018.02.13 Carly Benusa-Nat.Merit Scholarship web

Pictured L to R: Katie Oster, Science Teacher; Abbi Wittner, Science Teacher; 
Carly Benusa, Finalist; Nick Wright, History Teacher

Winning a National Merit Scholarship Competition depends on more than your PSAT score. Your academic record, SAT scores, extracurricular and leadership experiences, and an essay are also considered. Other factors include recommendations from your school, your school's curricula and grading system, and your state residency.

There are approximately 4.5 million Seniors in the USA. Approximately 1.6 million students enter the NMSC, and 15,000 are chosen as scholarship finalists…you do the math as to the percentage of who makes it to the finals.