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What People Are Saying

Oak Grove provides big time opportunities for excelling personally and academically in a small school setting. The dedicated staff provide opportunities to grow spiritually in the classroom and chapel, as well as through leadership roles, community service, and mission trips. Being a part of the Oak Grove community is a family affair, and the best investment we’ve ever made.
- Jon and Joan Rustvang, parents


I know every single student’s name in grades 10-12, and I use it. I am able to ask Jenni how the play went last night, and I’m able to wish Mike a happy birthday because I know it falls on the same day as mine. These kids aren’t just students — they’re my students and I want to take care of them.
- Michelle Forness, faculty member


A school focuses on the academic experience of a student. A community focuses on the good of the entire family. At Oak Grove, we are a school community grounded on our faith in Christ. When you walk through the doors, you will feel the difference.
- Oak Grove parent


Oak Grove prepared me for the future by challenging me academically. I took advantage of the AP classes Oak Grove offers and I learned a lot through those in particular. With the increase in technology and strong academics, I felt prepared for college and life after high school.
- Allison Bock, class of 2008


Parents have a decision to make about where to educate their children. We feel blessed to have the privilege to send our two daughters to Oak Grove Lutheran School. Once a part of Oak Grove, you are part of a new "family" where you form tight bonds and life-long friendships.We can say this..the best money you will ever spend, is in giving your child a foundation from which they can become anything they want to be...and Oak Grove is such a place!
- Anthony and Jane Townley-Cain


The reason I love Oak Grove is that faith and music are understood here. I can be non-apologetic about my faith in Jesus Christ and pray with students. I consider myself blessed to work with such musically gifted students and their families who understand the power and depth that music brings to life. I am allowed the opportunity to have my days filled with people that love the arts and I am able to see firsthand what a difference music can make in someone’s heart.

Oak Grove understands faith. We know Whose we are.
Oak Grove understands music. We know what it offers.
Soli Deo Gloria! To God alone be the glory!

- Aaron Zinter, director of music


I am a graduate of Oak Grove (1980). My reasons for coming to Oak Grove were simple... I was tired of going to big, oversized schools, classroom crowding and most importantly none of my teachers knew my name or for that matter may have not even cared. When I returned to Fargo in 8th grade, I was enrolled as a student at Ben Franklin Junior High. I spent two years there and in my heart dreaded the move to North High. My parents offered me the option of going to Oak Grove. My dad was a 1959 graduate of Oak Grove, so he had memories of his own to share with me. When I arrived at this beautiful campus I can remember the wonderful feeling of being "home". The teachers, students and staff were so welcoming. It wasn't what happened to me so much that day, but what I saw that with the other students that I was so taken with. They were having fun, laughing, treating each other like friends and the teachers even knew the students by name!


I can't put my finger on my reasons for loving Oak Grove the way I do, but I do know it is more than just academic. More than the beautiful surroundings, more than having teachers and staff knowing your names, I believe it is the Christian atmosphere of friendship and fellowship, of diversity and discipleship that sets Oak Grove apart. Being a part of this school community that gives to others, whether it is to this region and beyond, or just to each other, has been the driving factor in my life to "do unto others as I would do unto you." Oak Grove is the gift that keeps on giving!
- Laurie (Frisk) Corliss, class of 1980 & current parent

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Mission Statement: The mission of Oak Grove Lutheran School is to express God’s love by nurturing students for academic achievement, lifelong Christian commitment and loving service throughout the world.

Vision Statement: Inspiring students to impact God's world.

certificate of accreditation 2017

Oak Grove Lutheran School is Accredited by the AdvanceED® Accreditation Commission.

Oak Grove Enrollment and Profile

Quick Facts
        •  Established in 1906
        •  Small class sizes; low student-teacher ratio 
        •  Students consistently score higher on local, state and national achievement tests 
        •  College preparatory program
        •  Academic program includes Advanced Placement (AP) classes and dual-credit opportunities with Concordia College and Valley City State University
        •  Nearly all Oak Grove graduates pursue degrees in higher education
        •  Nurturing environment integrates faith and values into the learning experience 
        •  All students participate in community service
        •  At least 50% of Oak Grove students receive financial aid

Oak Grove Lutheran School is located in Fargo, North Dakota and admits students from around the greater Fargo-Moorhead area. A July 1, 2015 census estimate placed the population at 233,836,[1] an increase of 34% from the 2000 census.  The community is home to two universities, one private liberal arts college, community and technical colleges, and a business school. Fargo–Moorhead is the cultural, retail, health care, educational, and industrial center of southeastern North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota. Forbes Magazine ranked Fargo #1 Best Small Places for Business and Careers. 

Oak Grove Lutheran is a private school enrolling a total of 625 students in preschool through grade 12. Oak Grove was established in 1906. Oak Grove has been accredited by the North Central Association - CASI since 1926, and is “Accredited with Commendation” by the North Dakota State Department of Public Instruction.  Oak Grove holds membership with the Council for American Private Education, the State Association of Non-Public Schools, the Association of Lutheran Secondary Schools, the Evangelical Lutheran Education Association, the North Dakota High School Activities Association, and the Fargo-Moorhead Chamber of Commerce.

Oak Grove’s 5.35 acre campus rests amidst a beautiful park setting along the Red River at 124 North Terrace, Fargo, North Dakota, 58103. The north campus includes five major buildings, serving students in grades 6-12. The Oak Grove south campus, located at 2710 32nd Avenue South in Fargo, is home to the Kjos Early Learning Center for preschool through grade 1. 2720 32nd Avenue South in Fargo, is home to the elementary program for grade 2 through grade 5. These facilities are ideal for elementary education, complete with a Natural Playground that facilitates hands-on learning and imaginative play. 


  • Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
  • Click here for mission statement, vision statement and faith statement
  • Click here for the Campus Ministry website.

Academic Program
Oak Grove is widely recognized for the strength and quality of our academic program. Our academic program requires 24 credits for graduation (4 English, 3 Mathematics, 3 Science, 3½ Social Sciences, 1 Physical Education, ½ Religion per year, ½ Health, ½ Computer, ½ Finance, plus electives). Oak Grove offers a wide variety of classes; full course descriptions for middle school and high school classes are available through the Admissions Office upon request. The course material aids in the class selection process.

  • 4 English
  • 3 Science
  • 3.5 Social Science
  • 1 Physical Education
  • 3 Math
  • 2.5 Language, Fine Arts, Career, or Tech
  • 2 Christian Studies
  • .5 Computer Science
  • .5 Finance
  • .5 Health
  •  2.5 credits in either Language, Fine Arts, Career & Tech
  •  Elective Credits

Remaining credits are to be elective courses of the student’s choice.  Each semester of a course earns .5 credit.  Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) is the cumulative average of all of the grades the student earned in courses taken during grades 9-12, as well as any dual-credit college courses approved by Oak Grove Lutheran School.  Additionally, if an eighth-grade student enrolls in a high school level course, the grade earned will be included in the cumulative GPA.  Plus and minus grades are reported and used when calculating GPA; the grade A+, however, is not used at Oak Grove.  A student’s class ranking is figured as a percentile score.  GPA and class rank are unweighted.

High school grades are calculated at the end of each quarter and marked on student transcripts at the end of each semester.  Each teacher sets his or her own grading scale.  Grades are indicated on a 4.00 scale by letters as follows:

4.00     A                     3.00     B                      2.00    C                      1.00     D

3.67     A-                    2.67     B-                    1.67    C-                    .67       D-

3.33     B+                    2.33     C+                    1.33    D+                   .00       F


Students must take a minimum of 6 classes (3 credits) per semester.  Seniors who are taking an AP course must take a minimum of 5 classes (2.5) credits per semester.  The maximum course load per semester is 8 classes (4 credits).  Classes meet for 50 minutes Monday-Friday, and there are 8 class periods per day.  Although service is not a specific requirement for graduation, it is an integral part of the curriculum and 100% of our students participate in service projects in the community and abroad.

AP courses in the following subjects are offered: English, Biology, Calculus, Psychology, and Music Theory.  AP is an open-enrollment program. 

Oak Grove offers dual-credit courses through Concordia College in Moorhead, MN, as well as distance-learning opportunities through the North Dakota Center for Distance Education.  Students also have access to the Skills & Technologies Consortium, a local training center offering courses in computer engineering, medical terminology, certified nursing assistantship, health careers, welding, and Cisco systems.

Oak Grove offers dual-credit courses through Concordia College in Moorhead, MN, as well as distance-learning opportunities through the North Dakota Center for Distance Education.  Students also have access to the Skills & Technologies Consortium, a local training center offering courses in computer engineering, medical terminology, certified nursing assistantship, health careers, welding, and Cisco systems.

Standardized Test Results

Graduation Year                 # ACT Test / # in Class                        Average ACT Composite

2003 – 2004                                  49/59                                       24.2

2004 – 2005                                  41/43                                       23.6

2005 – 2006                                  45/47                                       22.7

2006 – 2007                                  41/50                                       23.7

2007 – 2008                                  38/49                                       22.1

2008 – 2009                                  49/61                                       23.7

2009 – 2010                                  38/45                                       24.18

2010 – 2011                                  36/41                                       26.08

2011 – 2012                                  33/33                                       24.2

2012 – 2013                                  26/26                                       23.3

2013 – 2014                                   40/40                                      25.4

2014 – 2015                                   34/34                                      23.38

2015 – 2016                                   38/38                                      21.44 

2016 – 2017                                   48/48                                      23.52


Post High School Placement: Percentage of Students Planning Post-Secondary Education

Graduation Year                     4-Year College                        2-Year College

2003 – 2004                                  88%                                          8%

2004 – 2005                                  95%                                          5%

2005 – 2006                                  96%                                          2%

2006 – 2007                                  94%                                          5%

2007 – 2008                                  84%                                         14%

2008 – 2009                                  93%                                          5%

2009 – 2010                                  96%                                          4%

2010 – 2011                                  95%                                          2%

2011 – 2012                                  97%                                          3%

2012 – 2013                                  84%                                         16%

2013 – 2014                                  95%                                           5%

2014 – 2015                                  91%                                           2%

2015 – 2016                                   95%                                          5%

2016 – 2017                                   88%                                          4%


 Colleges Attended by Oak Grove Graduates from the Last Five Years

    Arizona State University

    Arizona, University of

    Augsburg College     

    Augustana University

    Bethel University      

    Boston Conservatory

    California Lutheran University

    Colorado Christian University

    Colorado School of Mines

    Columbia University in the City of New York

    Concordia College       

    Creighton University

    Dartmouth College       

    Dayton, University of

    Denver, University of

    Drake University       

    Eckerd College       

    George Washington University

    Georgia State University

    Gustavus Adolphus College       

    Hamline University       

    Hillsdale College       

    Idaho, University of       

    Ilan University, Taiwan

    Irvine Valley College

    Jamestown College       

    Johnson Wales University

    Kansas, University of

    Mary-Bismarck, University of       

    Massachusetts-Boston, University of    

    Mayville State University       

    Minnesota State Community and Technical College       

    Minnesota State University       

    Minnesota-Duluth, University of      

    Minnesota-Twin Cities, University of       

    Missouri- St. Louis, University of        

    North Dakota State College of Science        

    North Dakota State University       

    North Dakota, University of       

    Northwestern College

    Notre Dame, University of        

    Oregon, University of       

    Pennsylvania, University of       

    San Diego State University       

    Santa Barbara Community College       

    South Dakota State University       

    St. John’s University       

    St. Olaf College        

    Texas, University of      

    Texas-Dallas, University of        

    Valley City State University        

    Washington University, St. Louis        

    Williston State College        

    Winona State University        

    Wisconsin-Madison, University of        

    Wisconsin-Steven’s Point, University of        

    Yonsei University, Korea        

Contact Information
Peggy Peterson
School Counselor
(701) 373 – 7103