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Gearing Up For Kindergarten!

Gearing Up for Kindergarten

Gearing Up for Kindergarten is a parent and family education program supporting child development, school readiness and healthy parenting. Gearing Up for Kindergarten combines preschool learning activities for children as well as educational opportunities for parents.

All students registered for kindergarten this coming school year and current Oak Grove Pre-K students that meet kindergarten entrance dates are invited to please join us for Gearing Up. Your child can be joined by any adult that will be a part of their school success. Return your completed registration form to the Elementary Office no later than March 6.

Gearing Up sessions will run on Thursday’s from 6:00-7:30pm on the following dates:

  • March 14, 21, 28 and April 4, 11
  • Come at 5:30pm on March 14th and enjoy pizza with the Oak Grove President!

Classes are FREE – FREE childcare is also provided with registration


Book Resource Links for parents

NDSU Parenting Resource Center

Read Aloud to your children

Dr. Marily Jager Adams

Dr Marilyn Jager Adams


Activities for early phonemic awareness


Read Aloud:  Importance of doing this


“How Much is Too Much?”  By Jean Illsley Clarke, Connie Dawson, and David Bredehoft
"Pick Up Your Socks"…and Other Skills Growing Children Need!  By Elizabeth Crary
"Common Sense Media"
"Top 10 Tips for Tech Healthy Kids"
"Why Counting Screen Time Minutes Isn't An Educational Strategy" 

Steps for Raising a Well Adjusted Kid

While this article focuses on 18 months to 3 years, it has great ideas for us to use with all young children!

Struggling with Power Struggles?  Here are some ideas: