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Teacher's Wish List!

Teacher's Wish List!

In the Family Consumer Science room, I am wishing for:

2 sewing machines (janome preferably)


Sets of dish towels

Sets of wash rags

Dish soap

Hand washing soap

These are just some things that would be nice to have without using my budget up.

We have 4 kitchen units so it is so nice to have plenty of supplies.

I will let you know if I think of anything else!

Thank you,

Megan Saunders


For the Art Department we could use,

Wet wipes/Clorox Wipes

Saran Wrap

Toilet paper rolls


Regular Sized Elmer’s Glue Bottles

Watercolor paper

Bulk amount of plain T-shirts

Ice cream pails or buckets

Any spare bulk craft supplies (I can use anything)

Any old frames in bulk

Large containers to hold items (brushes, odds and ends, etc.)

Thank you,

Vanessa Morken



My wish list includes: Social Studies

-Classroom set (30) compasses

-Classroom set of desktop atlases

-2 U.S. flags

-Kinetic sand ($18.99/box + tax) at Art & Learn

(30 boxes + sterilite 8x13 lidded containers for each box of sand-We use these for landforms in geography. The students love it!)

-5 to 10 handheld GPS units

-Classroom set of adult-size scissors

-20 clipboards

I’m sure there’s more but it’s a start. These may not fit the criteria; but I’ll leave it to you to take items off the list. I know if we had these items they could and would be shared through the middle school. (Ok, I might hoard the kinetic sand… but I’d share everything else.)

Thank you,

Julie Dietrich



Our wish list for the Oak Grove music department would include a couple really big ticket items.

I know we would love to have a nice 7 or 9-foot Steinway piano someday for rehearsal and performance.

These grand pianos are in the $40,000.00 to $80,000.00 range, but since it is a "wish" list, perhaps that is appropriate to mention it.  Another big ticket item would be a Rosewood Marimba. These also run in the $10,000.00 to $20,000.00 range.

Soli Deo Gloria!
Aaron Zinter



Math Department, I could use a decent rolling table (ex. Michelle Forness) for use with my technology items.  My old metal table came from the 50’s I think and doesn’t roll very well anymore.

Thank you,

Marc Langseth



Oak Grove Lutheran Elementary Wish Lists 2014-15

LEGOS for an After-School Lego Club at the Elementary.


Hobby Lobby – Tri-beads in clear red and white, wooden ornaments in apple and snowflake shapes, Sparkle Mod Podge

LakeshoreLearning – Question of the Day, Gift Card, 4 letter word puzzles, Literature-based learning centers, Help Yourself Language Trays, Phonemic Awareness match-ups middle sounds, Picture Word match 3-letter words, Sight words Tactile cards, Sight word Bingo game, Sight-word puzzles all levels, Sight Word Sentence Builder Kit, Sight word Learning Centers Any and All, Sound it out Phonics Puzzles, Flip to Spell 3 Letter words, Spill to Spell 4 letter words, Twist & turn word builders 3 letter and 4 letter words, Button sorting centers, Match and Connect math boards

Thank you,

Mrs. Domitrovich: Kindergarten



School Specialty catalog or .com – Copernicus Shared Reading Centers; (item #6-089702-030;  $499.00)

Ikea – Frame-pine; (item #000.636.72;  $49.99)

    6 bins (white); (item #800.892.39; $3 each = $18)

LakeshoreLearning catalog or .com –

   Place Value Blocks; (RA-991; $29.99)

   Giant Magnetic Write & Wipe Number Lines (whole

       numbers); (GG-832; $19.99)

  Sentence Strip Storage Box; (LC-1561; $6.99)

Gift Card from LakeshoreLearning, Art and Learn,  

   Michaels, or Hobby Lobby

Thank you,

Mrs. Caspers: Kindergarten



Fisher Price Dollhouse and accessories

Kinetix sand

Lakeshore Learning Gift Card

Art n Learn Gift Card

Target Gift Card

Leap Frog Tag Reader (2-3)

Leap Frog Tag Reader Books (appropriate for Kindergarteners)

Jonti Craft Bookshelves (or something like them.)

Thank you,

Mrs. Zinter: Kindergarten



Joann Fabrics or Michaels -Stickers, Play dough, Alphabet stamps

Joann Fabrics - Storage cart with 10 drawers - multicolored

Thank you,

Mrs. Hausauer: 1st Grade



Magnetic letters

Wiki Sticks

Play Dough

Cookie Sheets

Alphabet stamps

Thank you,

Mr. Schumacher:  1st Grade



Jenga Blocks

Play Dough

Thank you,

Mrs. Spriggs:  1st Grade




18 white Sterilite ice cube trays, (Barcode #7314972508, $3.99 each)

8-12 standard rolls of paper towels

Really Good Stuff:

240 lowercase magnetic letters and storage case, (Item #305199AHN, $39.99)

Spaceman Deluxe Kit, (Item #162076AHN, $29.99)

“I have____who has________” academic vocabulary game for Grades 1&2, (Item #161354AHN)

Early Story Starters in a Jar, (Item #158992AHN, $9.99)

Helping Hands Around the Clock, (Item #158635AHN, $6.29)

Art & Learn:  Gift card for any amount.

Thank you,

Mrs. Gillette:  2nd Grade




18 white Sterilite ice cube trays (Barcode   #7314972508, $3.99 each)

Really Good Stuff: “I have____who has________” academic vocabulary game for Grades 1&2, (Item #161354AHN)

I would also like 18 clocks for the students to use where the hour hand moves with the minute hand.

I could use a cd player with multiple headphone jacks.

Gift Card to Art and Learn

Educational games geared towards 2nd graders (7 and 8 years old).

Thank you,

Mr. Odland:  2nd Grade



Board games for winter recess

Craft supplies for winter recess

Storage totes of all sizes

Storage carts with drawers

Director’s Chair

Thank you,

Mrs. Rehder: 3rd Grade



Small stickers

Decks of cards (5)


Yarn (any color)

Ink pads (any color)


Rubber bands (small size)

Thank you,

Mrs. Skovlund:  3rd Grade



Legos! Lots of them! I want some to use for math and also some for recess

Prizes for rewards. Small toys, gum, erasers, cool pencils, anything a kid would like as a reward

Money to buy scholastic online audiobooks for stories.

Feathers, foam stickers, glitter, sequins, glitter glue, paint, or puff paint. Or just hobby lobby gift cards to get these things. We use them for special projects throughout the year.

Thank you,

Mrs. Swanson: 4thGrade



Electric pencil sharpener

Large fake Christmas Tree to use each year

Stickers to use for grading

Something that can be used for student mailboxes, need at least 15 slots

Chapter books that come with a cd or some kind of audio

Thank you,

Mrs. Zuehlsdorff:  4thGrade




   Point 2 View USB Document Camera $69

   Point 2 View Microscope Adapter Set $19

   Height Extension Stand for P2V USB Doc Camera $24

School Outfitters

   Sprogs Round Bean Bag Chairs 35” Diameter (blue and green) $67 each

   Norwood Tabletop Lectern with Base $189

Play Doh (16 cans)

Wikki Stix Rainbow Pak $6.00 at Amazon (3)

Nature Saver Recycled Clipboards (12) $2 each at Bulk Office Supply

Copernicus Regal Reading/Writing Center $270 Amazon

Thank you,

Mrs. Adams:  5thGrade



12” X 12” clear plastic storage boxes (usually found with scrapbooking supplies)

Variety of Washi tape

Clear plastic traveling soap dishes (to hold card games)

Clear plastic pencil boxes

Duplo Blocks

Thank you,

Mrs. Molm:  Library




Stress balls, squishy balls, or koosh balls

Legos (new or used)

Chewy fidgets

Therapy putty

FitBall seating discs (3)

Any silent fidget toy or puzzle

Barnes and Noble gift card, Walmart, or Hobby Lobby

Thank you,

Mrs. Libbrecht:  Counselor