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College Financial Aid Information

Senior students and parents are beginning the financial aid process in anticipation of going to and paying for college. North Dakota College Access Network, administered by Bank of North Dakota, is available to help answer questions, provide materials and offer assistance. They provide a PowerPoint presentation and can send you materials to assist with the process. Contact Peggy Peterson for more information.

Junior/Senior Parent Information

Missed Back to School Night? Shared information with junior and senior parents.

College Comparison Worksheet
College Fairs
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NDSU Information

2017-18 ND Scholarship Worksheet

Testing Information

The timeline for students taking college entrance tests, such as ACT and SAT, begins in ninth and tenth grade when students have the opportunity to take the EXPLORE and PLAN. The EXPLORE and PLAN are pre-ACT and are good preparation. Students will take the ACT in their junior year. Juniors may take the PSAT (a pre-SAT test) in the fall of their junior year. Sophomores may take the PSAT to practice. Seniors may retake the ACT and/or SAT in October and December and later if necessary.

Most colleges will accept either the ACT or PSAT. Students may retake the ACT and/or SAT to improve their score. Studies show that 50% of the students who retake the ACT score at least 1 point higher. (25% score the same, and 25% score lower.)

The ACT tests four areas: English, Math, Science and Social Studies. A writing section has been added that some colleges are requiring. For more information about the ACT and which colleges require the writing section, visit www.actstudent.org. The SAT tests areas Verbal, Math and Writing. For more information about the SAT or PSAT, visit www.collegeboard.com.

Review the Oak Grove calendar for ACT and SAT registration and testing dates.

RUReadyND.com - Career, High School Planning, and Testive (which is an ACT test prep website)


Merit-Based Scholarships


For more information contact:
Kim Forness in Admissions at 701-373-7114 or email kim.forness@oakgrovelutheran.com
Matthew Hallaway, Chief Advancement Officer at 701-373-7152 or email

Oak Grove Opportunities for students to earn Dual College Credit. 

Questions? A representative from VCSU will be on the Oak Grove campus on August 24 from 6 to 7 pm between the Grover Grill-Out and Back to School night to answer questions and assist students in the application/registration process.

Many high school students around the country are earning college credit during their junior and senior year of high school.  At Oak Grove we are adding one more way for students to earn college credit.

One opportunity for earning college credit is for Oak Grove students to take classes at Concordia College.  Students who are residents of North Dakota pay for their books, while Minnesota students pay nothing.  The second opportunity is for students to earn AP (Advanced Placement) credit by taking an AP course and paying a fee ($92) at the end of the course for the AP test.  Each college determines what AP test scores they will accept and what general education or elective criteria each AP course may be applied to.

Oak Grove offers the following AP course options:  AP Psychology, AP Chemistry (new), AP Calculus, and AP Music Theory. 

Dual Credit College Courses Offered at Oak Grove, Credit Requirements (VCSU policies), Application, Registration, Cost, Dates, Finals Exemptions, Finals Schedule, College Transcripts, and Credit Transfer information.

Scholarship Opportunities

Numerous college and university scholarships are available to seniors!
Check out the most recent list by contacting lynsey.rittenbach@oakgrovelutheran.com


College Scholarships

All colleges have a variety of scholarships. Check with the individual institutions in which you are interested.

Also check out these websites:

College Athletics

Oak Grove students planning to participate in athletics at the collegiate level should be aware of the NCAA freshman eligibility standards. The standards include a specific number of required core courses and test scores. Students may visit http://www.ncaaclearinghouse.net/ to make sure high school courses being taken have been approved as core courses. For more information, please contact Guidance Counselor Peggy Peterson at 373.7103.


It is the school counselor’s job to work with children in a variety of settings and to consult with teachers, parents and others regarding children's needs. The school counselor works with students to meet their needs on an academic level, help them to develop personally and socially, and also work with them on developing interests through career awareness and development.

Your child will have the opportunity to be involved in classroom guidance lessons, small groups with peers and individual meetings throughout the school year. The counselor conducts classroom guidance lessons with all the students on a rotating schedule on a variety of topics. Topics may include character education, bullying, self-esteem, personal safety, problem solving, good listening skills and career awareness to name a few. The counselor works together with classroom teachers to identify topics that will best meet the needs of the students in each classroom.

Small group opportunities are available to students. These groups work on issues such as friendship, study skills, self concept, or anger management. Individual meetings with students will occur through teacher, student or parent referrals. Please keep in mind that meeting with a school counselor does not always mean there is a problem or cause for concern. The goal is to work with all the students on a regular basis throughout the school year and build skills that help students successfully navigate difficult times.