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Oak Grove Concert Tour Instructions Video
Please contact either Mrs. O'Connor or Mr. Zinter if you have any questions that are not answered in this video.

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2016 Spring Generations BandSign Up For The Spring Band Concert - Generations Band!

Testimonial: "I consider the opportunity to participate in the "Generations Band" at Oak Grove a privilege! This event is a means through which a parent can encourage musical skills in their child while creating priceless memories! As students look around at the adults who participate in the Generations Band, I believe they start to realize that music can actually become a lifelong hobby and a passion. Their instrument may not be for just this season of their lives. So dust off that instrument because once a band student, always a band student!"

– Sarah, Oak Grove parent.

First Call For Musicians!

At the spring band concert this coming May 15, 7:00pm, North Campus, all staff, faculty, alumni, friends, parents, really anyone associated with Oak Grove is invited to dust off their instruments or skill set and join all 5-12 grade band students for one song.  This year we are doing a piece called “The Best of the Beatles”.  A few rehearsal opportunities arise near the end, but are absolutely not mandatory.   Most only play at the performance with no rehearsals. Strings are welcome, including electric bass and piano!  If you don’t have an instrument we can find you one. Between my instrument collection, my contacts with the 188th Army Band and Fargo Davies, we can find anything. Eckroth Music also rents out instruments.

Even if you haven’t played in years don’t worry. You will “blend-in” with a hundred other instruments.

Please consider the look on a student’s face when a teacher like Mrs. Dietz sits down next to them with a red plastic trombone. Students suddenly realize you DO exist outside of the classroom!

I really encourage all of you to give it some thought.  Those who have participated in the past would tell you it actually IS enjoyable.  The more we have, the more fun it is! (right Mr. Slette??)

Shoot me an email with any questions.  I’ll be sending a reminder later on.  I look forward to the biggest group yet! 

Renee L. O’Connor
Director of Bands
Oak Grove Lutheran School
124 N Terrace N Fargo ND 58102

Spring Band Concert Featuring The 100+ Member "Generations Band"
Tuesday, May 20, 2016

Oak Grove Bands

Mrs. Renee O'Connor is Oak Grove's band director for grades 5 - 12.

Oak Grove Lutheran School has an exceptional music program. Students may participate in band starting in elementary school. Oak Grove bands have many performances through the year and join with the choir for the annual Christmas Concert.

Oak Grove students may participant in the following bands:

  • Concert Band, 9-12
  • 7th/8th Grade Band
  • 6th Grade Band
  • 5th Grade Band

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