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Project Genesis classroom webProject Genesis - Guatemala 
Oak Grove students are setting up this Go Fund Me account to help Ricardo realize the dream of Project Genesis. Ricardo's long term goal is to open a school in this remote area. Thanks for helping him realize that dream! We can do this together!!!! Oak Grove will be traveling down there again in June and hope that we can be a part of helping this Project thrive. Please click on the gofundme logo and give to Project Genesis.


In November, 2016, Twenty four Oak Grove students, teachers and parents traveled to Guatemala where we connected with Ricardo Armas and his Project Genesis.  Ricardo started Project Genesis as a way to help marginalized children in a remote area of Guatemala.  His goals are to provide them with education, nutrition, health care, encouragement and support.  What our students witnessed first hand was a selfless, incredible man who is determined to give kids hope and permission to dream big! Ricardo has sacrificed much in order to continue providing hope and support for this neighborhood.  He left a great job and his family has sacrificed much materially so that they can continue to plant the seeds of hope to children who, without Project Genesis, would not have these options or opportunities.  Ricardo recently told me that "before the Project opened, I had full pockets and an empty heart.  Now I have a full heart and empty pockets."  A recent tragedy reconnected Oak Grove with Ricardo.  One of the girls who was served by the Project last year, was killed in the tragic fire outside of Guatemala City that took the lives of 38 students.  When we reached out to Ricardo, the children and he were mourning as Ricardo knew that Project Genesis was probably the only place that this young 15 year old girl had ever known love and support.  

When we reached out, we also learned that  Ricardo's funding has dried up and he is at risk of closing his doors this month.  

Ricardo has so many dreams for Project Genesis.  A school, a place where students can learn trades like mechanics and electronics, a cafeteria, a clinic...  Right now he is simply trying to keep the doors open.  

The students of Oak Grove are setting up this Go Fund Me  account to help Ricardo realize the dream of Project Genesis.  Ricardo's long term goal is to open a school in this remote area.  Thanks for helping him realize that dream!  We can do this together!!!!  Oak Grove will be traveling down there again in June and hope that we can be a part of helping this Project thrive. 


WDAY Rose Story Photo
WDAY coverage of the story of Rosa
Candles were lit and flowers set out Tuesday, March 14, as the students at Oak Grove remembered Rosa, a teenager the students got to know on a recent mission trip.

For years, the private Lutheran school in Fargo has taken mission trips to Central and South America. Over the weekend, Oak Grove officials learned a fire that killed 40 girls in a shelter in Guatemala, took the life of a 15-year old girl they had met on a recent trip.

"Rosa had nothing, she had nobody," said Bob Noel, an Oak Grove teacher.

Because Rosa had been abandoned by her family, she was in foster care in Guatemala, doing well. But the state moved her into an unsafe shelter, where she died along with 39 others in a fire over the weekend.

Since there she had no family, there was no one to say goodbye, Noel said at the service.

"No songs being sung. Nobody saying, 'We are going to miss you,'" he said.

So Rosa's Oak Grove friends held a memorial service.

"She had great dreams and was making so much progress, even though she had so much adversity she was working against," Noel said.

Mari Aaker, an Oak Grove student, said she'd had a few moments with Rosa, and learning of her death this weekend struck her.

"It was kind of a moment where I realized we need to be embracing our moments with each other and taking them in," Aaker said.

Oak Grove students started building a school in Guatemala in November. A Go Fund Me Site has been started to take donations for the projects, so the school can be named for Rosa.

You can also help the students at Oak Grove here, by donating at gofundme. Click the link below.


"Hearing God at the Crossroads"
An interview of Susan Vitalis, biologist, medical missionary, and author of Still Listening, for sale beginning May 30, 2017

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Four things let us ever keep in mind:
God hears prayer,
God heeds prayer,
God answers prayer,
and God delivers by prayer.  

We are extremely happy and excited to have the ability to share praises and concerns through prayer. The Oak Grove Prayer Wall gives everyone the opportunity to share a prayer request with the community. Scroll down to the bottom left hand side of this page and click on the Prayer Wall link and it will take you to a window where you can enter a prayer request. Your prayer will be posted and you will be able to see how many people have prayed specifically for you. This should be a wonderful way for the Grover family to share praises and concerns no matter where they live. The Prayer Wall has been designed with students, faculty, staff, alumni, donors and friends of Oak Grove in mind.

Please allow us the privilege to pray for you!

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Grace, mercy and peace from God our Father and Christ Jesus our Lord. Welcome to the Oak Grove Lutheran Campus Ministry page. Oak Grove Campus Ministry exists to aid this wonderful institution in it mission: “The mission of Oak Grove Lutheran School is to express God's love by nurturing students for academic achievement, lifelong Christian commitment and loving service throughout the world.” We help the school to provide Christian Studies courses, daily chapels, services projects and mission opportunities. Oak Grove is a special place and we invite you to check out our website, contact us or stop by one of our campuses.

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