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Christian Studies

Christian Studies

Please join us for Moms In Prayer!
Meet In Hektner Chapel 
Moms In Prayer is a group of mothers that get together one hour per week to pray for our middle school and high school children and teachers, and Oak Grove School. We meet Fridays from 2:15pm - 3:15pm in the Hektner Chapel at Oak Grove School. Moms In Prayer is an international organization, and more information can be found at www.momsinprayer.org.

For more information on our Oak Grove Moms In Prayer group, contact Crystal Wosick at wosick@hotmail.com or (701) 280-2443.

Christian Studies
Elementary School

Oak Grove Lutheran Elementary School is currently using Walking With God and His People, from Christian Schools International.  Each grade level will spend a length of time in both the Old Testament and New Testament.  Each lesson is broken down into a Bridge, where students make a connection to the lesson, a Scripture Link, where the lesson comes back to Biblical reading, and finally Student Activities that vary depending on the lessons themselves.  Students spend time daily in their classrooms studying God’s word and how it applies to their lives and the choices that they make.

We have the privilege of bringing Christ into everything we do at the elementary school. From art projects to preparing for lunch and recess, God is a part of who we are and how we treat and value each other and the world he has given us to live in. Our prayer has been that the children attending Oak Grove’s elementary school will experience the love of God through the teachers, staff, friends and families.

6th grade

In the 6th grade Christian Studies class this spring, we will be studying the “Holy History.” The Holy History is a time line of Biblical history. We will gain insight and understanding regarding the Word and the who, why, when and where of some on the major events from Creation to the life of Jesus.

8th grade

In the 8th grade Christian Studies class this spring, we are studying the Epistles. The students are reading the Epistles one chapter at a time, journaling about what they have read and then participating in a class discussion. After five chapters, the students then go back and read their journals and write a reflection paper about what engaged them or questions they may have had or anything they felt as though God was revealing to them.

9th grade

In the 9th grade Christian Studies class this spring we are using a curriculum called Route 66. It is a wonderful curriculum that seeks to reveal the harmony of the Word of God. It is a look at how the whole of scripture reveals God to us and we see the big picture not just taking bits and pieces of the Word but looking at it as a whole. The curriculum consists of a work book lessons, discussions, review sheets and tests.

11th -12th grade

In the 11th and 12th grade Christian Studies class this spring, we are focusing in on having a faith that is our own. We do this by thinking critically and faithfully through current events, contemporary issues and the Word of God. We also spend time working collaboratively, researching different topics in small groups, and then presenting them to the class. The class is centered on class discussion and having meaningful faith filled conversations.