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Oak Grove is pleased to announce our 2018 Hall of Fame Award recipients: Gary Olson, David Tranby, and Karen Spilde. Please join us for the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony on Saturday, October 13 at 9:00am in the Scheels Center for the Performing Arts on the north campus of Oak Grove.

Gary Olson Ph.D., Class of 1962
Inducted 2018

Gary was the running all-star in his time at Oak Grove. He ended his senior year as the undefeated state champion in cross country, holding several state records. Gary served as co-captain of the track team, proving he not only led the race as a star miler but also led his teammates throughout the season. His impressive running record was celebrated as he received the Quanbeck Award his senior year. Aside from being a leader on the track, he was also a leader in the school as a member of Student Council and as the elected Student Body President in 1961. Gary went on to earn a Bachelor’s degree from Concordia College, a Master’s degree from the University of South Dakota and Ph.D. from the University of Colorado. He is an author and an Emeritus Professor of Political Science at Moravian College. Gary and his wife Kathleen have raised two daughters and now enjoy their three grandchildren.

Dr. David Tranby, Class of 1970
Inducted 2018

During his time at Oak Grove, David not only excelled as a leader in academics, but also as an athlete and musician. He served as President of the Concert Choir and played in the Concert Band, served as a member of the Student Council and earned the title of Co-Valedictorian of his class. As a captain for the team and long time starter, David earned the honors of All-District and All-Conference in football his senior year. And, after being a starter on the 1969 State Championship Team as a junior, he became a co-captain and also earned All-District and All-Conference honors for basketball. David attended Concordia College and then received his dental degree from the University of Minnesota in 1978. After completing his degrees, he moved back to Moorhead where he has practiced dentistry for his entire career. David and his wife, Sharon, have raised three children.

Karen Spilde, Class of 1988
Inducted 2018

Karen was a powerful “triple threat” athlete in basketball, volleyball and track which rightfully earned her the Quanbeck Award at the culmination of her sports career at Oak Grove. As co-captain of the basketball team her senior year, Karen led her team in field goal percentage, points scored, and three-point shots. In track, she was given the “Most Dedicated” award, perfectly labeling her demeanor in all she does. Aside from her strong presence in Grover athletics, Karen was also a member of Key Club, National Honor Society, and served as Homecoming Queen. After graduation, she went on to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and her coaching certification from Concordia College in 1992. She then earned a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction Education from University of St. Thomas, St. Paul in 2002. She is currently a teacher in the area, is a member at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church and is active in LAMP (Lutheran Association of Missionaries and Pilots).


Membership in the Hall of Fame is comprised of outstanding alumni, teachers, administrators and coaches who have made significant contributions to Oak Grove Lutheran School. Competition for election to the Oak Grove Hall of Fame reflects a very high standard. Those wishing to nominate individuals for induction should recognize the elite nature of this group.

Purpose of Award

The Hall of Fame will recognize those individuals who best exemplify the spirit, integrity and philosophy of Oak Grove Lutheran School. Alumni, faculty, staff, coaches and teams who have made significant contributions and have brought honor to Oak Grove Lutheran School are eligible for selection to the school’s Hall of Fame. We believe it is good and right to reaffirm Oak Grove’s mission and Christian philosophy through the recognition of these individuals.

Oak Grove is pleased to announce its 2017 class of Hall of Fame recipients. 

Clark Tufte
Clark Tufte, Former Faculty & Administrator
Inducted 2017

Dr. Clark Tufte first became acquainted with Oak Grove in 1951 when as a ninth grader from Ada, MN and a member of Bethany Lutheran Free Church, he attended a youth retreat on campus. It was a high point of his adolescence to be with others in a faith event and to learn that the Lutheran Free Church had a high school like Oak Grove and a “cathedral” like Pontoppidan. 

Clark earned a BA degree from Concordia College and a masters and doctorate in education at the University of North Dakota. He was a teacher in grades three through twelve for nineteen years; taught at the college level for twenty-six years, and served as a school administrator for eight years. 

During the years 1978-1980, while on leave from Concordia College where he taught courses in elementary education and served as chairman of the Education Department, he was called to serve at Oak Grove. During those two years he taught in and helped organize the newly established seventh and eighth grade program. He was called back to Oak Grove in 1993 to serve as academic dean. While dean, he also served as one of the junior high teachers. He served in this position for three years.

Clark’s passion is providing education for a child where developing faith is the central core. To quote him, “Faith formation is the important alternative that we offer. It is our reason for being. Early founders did not organize Oak Grove to have better science, math or English than other schools. They wanted a faith based education for their children. That is still a parent’s reason for sending a child here and is something that should happen here. That is why we teach here.”


1982 Championship Football Team1982 Championship Football Team
Inducted 2017

The 1982 Championship football team, coached by Curt Hagness, ended their season with a perfect 12-0 record and in post season play, became the North Dakota Class B 11-Man State Football Champions. They were the first Oak Grove football team to earn a state championship. Coach Hagness was awarded Coach of the Year for the State of North Dakota. Six players were also named All-Conference; Brian Durkop, Kevin Hamm, Kent Hannestad, Greg Mueller, Dan Bueide and Craig Clarin. 

Row 1: Jon Forkner, Tim Aronson, Greg Mueller, Brian Durkop, Kent Hannestad, Kevin Hamm, Dan Bueide, Brad Christensen, Paul Manley, Troy Sohljem.

Row 2 : Eric Sharbo, Mark Durkop, Steve Olson, Craig Clarin, Jeff Dutton, Shannon Erickson, Dave Todd, Marshall Forness, Dave Mueller.

Row 3: Dan Enebo, John Sharp, Barry Rahman, Troy Teigen, Mark Olson, Rick Klaus, Scott Scheer, Kris Gordon, Brett Morrison.

Row 4: Carter Anderson, Steve Hersrud, Dave Everson, Jay Liebert, Paul Miller, Todd Henderson, Mark Murphy, Jeff Schelinder.

Row 5 : Scott Jonas, Jim Fuglestad , Brian Berg, Clint Faust, Peter Sharbo, Bill Humphrey, Joey Solem, Brad Forness, Jeff Nichol, Dan Todd, John Blegen, Tim Murdock, Nick Christianson.

Back Row : Asst. Coach Morgan Forness, Head Coach Curt Hagness, Trainer Robert Fuglestad, Cheer leaders Kristen Murdock, Cheryl Refstal, Stacy Hersrud, Gloria Schwalm, Vicki Larson, Asst. Coach Steve Carnal, Asst. Coach John Liebert, Trainer Matt Leach. Not Pictured: Randy lwerks, Head Trainer.

2016 Hall of Fame Inductees

  • Brian Berg (Class of 1986)
  • Lindsey Leitner (Class of 2001)
  • Tracey Martin (Class of 1987)

2015 Hall of Fame Inductees

  • Kyle Bakken (Class of 1988)
  • Glen “Tuck” Leverson (Class of 1955)
  • Jamie (Stensgard) Cota (Class of 2001)
  • Dave Vold (Class of 1954)
  • Ruth Buffalo-Zarazua (Class of 1995)

2014 Hall of Fame Inductees

  • 1969 Boys Basketball Team
  • Steve Carnal (retired faculty member 1980 - 2014)
  • Rick Deegan (class of 1961)
  • Don Idso (class of 1966)
  • Laura Utke (class of 1995)
  • Beth (Coughlin) Zier (class of 1975)

2013 Hall of Fame Inductees

  • Jerilynn Brantner Adams  (class of 1986)
  • Arvid Berg  (retired faculty member 1969-1999 & 2003)
  • Kevin Hamm  (class of 1983)
  • Alton Quanbeck  (class of 1943)
  • Wade Webb  (class of 1988)

2012 Hall of Fame Inductees

  • Robert (Bob) Bower (class of 1958)
  • Jim Frisk (class of 1958)
  • Marshall Haaland (class of 1957)
  • Paula Langseth (class of 1977)
  • Merrill Ronning (class of 1963)

2011 Hall of Fame Inductees

  • Anna Legreid Dopp (class of 1995)
  • Calmer Elness (retired faculty member)
  • Curt Hagness (retired faculty member)
  • Chuck Petersen (retired faculty member)
  • Mary (Tennefos) Shoji (class of 1980)


To nominate someone for the Hall of Fame, complete the online form below. Or, you may download this form, complete and return to:

Oak Grove Lutheran School
Hall of Fame Committee
124 North Terrace
Fargo, ND 58102

Hall of Fame Constitution & Bylaws

For more information, please contact the Advancement Office at 701.237.0210 or e-mail oakgrove@oakgrovelutheran.com.

If you are interested in donating to the Hall of Fame fund for on-going costs, you can e-give online.

Selection Criteria for the Induction of Alumni
  1. The inductee must be a graduate of Oak Grove Lutheran School.
  2. There must be a lapse of ten years since the graduation date of the alumna or alumnus. (The Hall of Fame Selection Committee has the authority to give earlier consideration in unusual, outstanding cases.)
  3. The inductee must reflect the mission of Oak Grove Lutheran School, exhibiting Christian values, ethical behavior and good character.
  4. The inductee’s achievements and endeavors while a student at Oak Grove.
  5. The inductee’s outstanding achievements and service in his or her vocation, church and community after graduating from Oak Grove.
  6. Alumni serving on the Hall of Fame Selection Committee must exclude themselves from discussion of their own or a family member’s possible induction.
Selection Criteria for the Induction of Faculty, Administrators and Coaches
  1. Inductees must have completed their tenure at Oak Grove. (The Hall of Fame Selection Committee may give earlier consideration in unusual, outstanding circumstances.)
  2. Inductees must reflect the mission of Oak Grove Lutheran School, exhibiting Christian values, ethical behavior and good character.
  3. Inductee’s dedication and concern for the intellectual, spiritual, physical and social development of students.
  4. Inductee’s dedication to and promotion of Oak Grove Lutheran School.
  5. Inductee’s outstanding achievements and service in his or her vocation, church, and community during and after completing his or her tenure at Oak Grove Lutheran School.
Hall of Fame Committee Members
  • Mike Slette
  • Scott Gorder
  • Chuck Petersen
  • Marc Langseth
  • Curt Hagness
  • Arvid Berg
  • Karol Hilkerbaumer
  • Karen Spilde
  • Lance Bergstrom
  • Carrie Pierce
  • Rebecca Conant

Provide a one-page letter of support describing the reasons this candidate should be recognized as a nominee to the Oak Grove Lutheran School Hall of Fame. List accomplishments while at Oak Grove, as well as character traits and additional achievements/significant contributions in his or her vocation, church and community. You may email this document to oakgrove@oakgrovelutheran.com.

Thank you for taking the time to nominate a deserving person for recognition! We will follow up on this information as soon as we are able.