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For the 2019-20 school year, we will run a North/South shuttle route daily before and after school. Families can opt to ride in the morning, afternoon, or both. Current rates and schedule can be found on the registration form.

2019-20 Shuttle Schedule & Registration Form

When dropping off and picking up your students, please note:

  • North Campus: Gorder Gym opens by 7:15am and is open after school.
  • South Campus: Elementary Gym opens at 7:40am and is NOT open after school.

Questions: For questions regarding payment plans, contact Nicky Bogenreif at nicky.bogenreif@oakgrovelutheran.com or 701.373.7146. For questions regarding the shuttle service and schedule, please contact Brent Wolf at brent.wolf@oakgrovelutheran.com or 701.373.7149