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Auditions for Metamorphoses and Songs for a New World will be held August 14 & 15. Students in grades 7-12 are welcome to audition. There is also one role in Metamorphoses for a 5th grade girl. Songs for a New World is also open to Alumni, parents, and faculty to be cast! Please pass on the word!


  1. Sign up for an audition time: Audition Sign Up
  2. For Songs for a New World (Grades 7-12 plus alumni, parents, and faculty): Auditioners are to perform a song that is one-minute in length or 32 bars of music with piano accompaniment (a pianist is provided). Please understand the meaning of your song and act it. You should sing it memorized, but if you need a sheet with words to be comfortable – please use the sheet.
  3. For Metamorphoses (Grades 7-12 plus a 5th grade female role): You will be asked to memorize and perform a one-side for your gender from the link below. You are also required to at least one of the movement sessions for your audition. Each audition day will start with a short movement session, followed by your audition in the time slot you select. Click here to get the audition sides
  4. Yes, you may audition for both shows. IF you are auditioning for both shows – please perform your audition pieces in this order – SONG then SIDE. You only need to sign up for ONE audition slot to audition for both shows.
  5. Before your audition, fill out the Audition Information Card. All students must complete the audition card to be considered for casting. Failure to fill this form out will result in you not being cast. (I know this may sound harsh, but due to past tracking down of information weeks after auditions, we believe that it is imperative.)
  6. Show up 10 minutes before your audition time
  7. DO NOT PANIC! You are way more awesome than you think you are!

After we have seen all the auditioners, we will determine the casting.


  • You can be in both productions. We will work out the rehearsal schedule together.
  • Rehearsals will be held at the North Campus based on the availability of the cast. Some may happen after school and some in the evening to accommodate all sports schedules.
  • Expect to have 2-4 rehearsals a week (depends on role)
  • We use flexible scheduling – so we can work around conflicts

WE WILL HOLD AN AUDITION WORKSHOP/Acting Class/ Music Workshop on July 31 from 1:00-5:30pm. Audition Workshop Registration

Thank you so much for your interest in this show and we look forward to seeing you in the audition room.

Scott M Brusven – Director Songs for a New World
Nick Schons – Director – Metamorphoses

All questions can be sent to Scott Brusven at scott.brusven@oakgrovelutheran.com

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