Elementary School Day Drop-Off and Pick-Up Procedures due to Covid-19

Oak Grove Lutheran Elementary School will be putting extra safety measures in place to mitigate the risk as much as we can in the following ways on campus.  We will be utilizing these drop-off and pick up procedures with students only for the time being.  We ask that parents not enter the building in the morning, which we recognize will be a very difficult adjustment, especially early on. However, it does allow for us to be able to focus on our well-being and safety of our students in the building.

  • Different drop off/pick up locations.  Our ELC students will all be getting dropped off and picked up from the north parking lot.  They will utilize the north door of the East building.  Our K-5 students will be dropped off and picked up through our south lot, being dropped off and picked up utilizing the gym.
  • Staggered drop off/pick up.  We will be spacing out the arrival and departure for our students, by last name.  This will allow for more spacing for those students to get into their classroom. Students will be going directly to their classrooms.  Students will also be dismissing from their classrooms back to the designated pick up door.
  • Typical school day.  Our school day will look slightly different with the safety measures we are putting in place.  Our students will be spending more of their day in the classroom.  Specials teachers (music, art, media) coming into the classrooms to teach, students will be eating lunch in their classroom.  Students will not be moving into different classrooms for learning as we have done in past years.
  • Length of school day.  Because of our kids being in a more confined space for longer periods of time than we have in the past, and to allow our teachers to work with students who are utilizing the Acorn Academy, our length of the school day in person is going to change slightly.  We will be running the schedule this way.  This is for students Kindergarten through grade 5.
  1. Last Name A-H:  Arrive at 7:55 – Dismiss at 1:55*
  2. Last Name I –P:  Arrive at 8:05 – Dismiss at 2:05*
  3. Last Name Q-Z:  Arrive at 8:15 – Dismiss at 2:15*

This piece will be critical in allowing us to be able to sustain staying open daily and help mitigate risk to students, and allowing our teachers the time they will need to work with students who may need to stay home as we recognize that number will change daily.

Students who arrive in the first drop off time will go directly to their classroom where they will begin on activities that teachers will prepare.   These will be the same group of kids who will be leaving the campus first.  Students who arrive in the later time slots will have opportunities to work through some of the same activities that they may not have had time to do in the morning while earlier groups are dismissing.

All of these measures are designed with the best of intentions to minimize risk and allow our teachers to be able to lead both in the physical classroom as well as the virtual classroom.