Share your Heart with Oak Grove…

This Giving Hearts Day we are lifting up the teachers and staff who give every day to the students and community of Oak Grove!

Giving Hearts Day Contests & More!

Part of the fun of Giving Hearts Day is engaging with our community in some friendly competition! We are always grateful to community partners who use the platform of Giving Hearts Day to bless non-profits.


Here’s how you can help Oak Grove leading up to Giving Hearts Day:

Nominate us through Gate City Bank!

This year, Gate City Bank is donating over $250,000 to your favorite Giving Hearts Day Charities! $75,000 will be donated to charities decided on by YOU! Nominate your favorite charity to win online at  Fifteen lucky charities across our region will be randomly chosen to win a $5,000 gift from Gate City Bank! Make a difference by nominating your favorite charities as many times as you want!

States Contest!

Help Oak Grove Receive a Gift from Every State In the U.S. on Giving Hearts Day! Last year on Giving Hearts Day, we had donors 38 states. Help us to reach all of Grover Nation this year!