Hey Grover Nation! A typical spring would have Grovers helping all across the metro area with Middle School and High School Days of Service, but this year we can’t do that. We also recognize that many families in the FM area and beyond are struggling this spring with having enough food to eat. As we close out our school year, we want to take on a special opportunity to serve our community – will you join us in supporting the Great Plains Food Bank? 

We have a goal of donating $7,500 so that more hungry children and families in our state will have access to nutritious meals — and with it, hope for a brighter future. The Great Plains Food Bank has set up a virtual shopping site, so you can donate directly to them! Thank you for helping us live out our mission with caring and compassion.

Learn more and donate here: https://greatplainsfoodbank.fenly.org/drive/oak-grove-virtual-food-drive/