Board of Regents

About the Board of Regents

Our Board of Regents conducts our daily operations and acts as a compass for Oak Grove Lutheran School. Their purpose is to oversee our various programs and classes in full harmony with the faith, confessions, and practices of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).

Our Commitment

The Board of Regents is committed to upholding Oak Grove Lutheran School’s traditions, mission, vision, faith, and heritage from the time of our founding in 1906. 

Board Members

Members of our Board of Regents are selected by the Eastern North Dakota and Northwestern Minnesota synods of the ELCA to oversee all operations of the school.

  • Jerilynn Brantner Adams*
  • Brad DeJong – Vice Chair*
  • Dan Bueide*
  • Patrick Chaffee*
  • Tricia Erickson*
  • Rev. Mary Suomala Folkerds
  • Kelly Humble
  • Dr. Kirsten Juhl
  • Bishop Tessa Moon Leiseth
  • Karla Lyngstad
  • Rev. Chuck Olmstead
  • Roger Olson
  • Jon Rustvang*
  • Shane Sharpe
  • Lisa Sjoberg
  • Bishop Bill Tesch
  • Sher Thomsen – Chairperson*
  • Wade Webb

* Denotes members of Executive Committee